As of July 1st, 2016, 360 Performance Circle has become
Kaizen Online, a part of Kaizen Institute


AME members receive a 10% discount

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For AME members, use code AME2014-10 at checkout. 

This is a special offer in partnership with AME.  Our focus is on lean manufacturing methods, such as:

  • 5S
  • Gemba walking
  • Nemawashi
  • Visual management
  • And much more! 

To preview our products, please click on the "Products" link in the header above.  

Not an AME member?

Being a member of AME has many benefits, but so does just using their website resources, including the training we offer.  For non-AME members, use code AME2014-05 at checkout.  

AME and the new era in American manufacturing

AME is a core player in the American renaissance in manufacturing, providing networking, resources, and education in needed topics for their members.  We are proud to be partners with AME in providing their members with the latest, best, and most effective training.   Creating and sustaining a new era in American manufacturing is an enormous undertaking, but it especially requires the knowledge of what to do and the ability to communicate it to your team.  

360 Performance Circle's tag line is "A different kind of training company."  This is not a meaningless or fluffy phrase.  Our experts are experts.  We employ the latest in cinematic techniques to communicate the message in a deeper, more interesting, and memorable fashion.  We make training fun, to help your team gravitate towards new ideas and tools.  For example, check out our new videos that teach points using magic; it's a terrific way to start off a safety meeting with a three-minute video on the topic!    


360 Performance Circle Team