As of July 1st, 2016, 360 Performance Circle has become
Kaizen Online, a part of Kaizen Institute


What new training products are you currently working on?

Several.  There has been a resurgence in interest in team-based employee problem solving activities, e.g. quality circles, productivity improvement teams, employee involvement groups, etc..  They go by many names, but follow the process originally designed by Dr. Karou Ishikawa.  We'll be releasing updated training materials for this subject matter in 2014.  ISO 9000:2015 is now in it's pre-release state, and we have already been asked how we can support the new standard through our training resources.  And with magic.  How?  We are currently scripting a series of over 100 videos featuring renowned magician Tom Ogden, each about three minutes in length, on a wide variety of industry topics:  Quality, lean, customer service, safety, teamwork, resolving conflict, innovation, etc.  The purpose of each video is, in just three minutes, show why a topic is important, and do it in an entertaining way with magic.  The videos are intended to be used at the beginning of a meeting or training session that will cover that particular topic.  Once you have everyone's attention, there's no question that your meeting will be much more productive.