As of July 1st, 2016, 360 Performance Circle has become
Kaizen Online, a part of Kaizen Institute


Our Story

Kaizen Institute Online, Inc., originally 360 Performance Circle, began with seasoned editors who have covered industry for three decades, from manufacturing to service to health care. We're involved with the hottest leadership trends, innovation, quality management, lean methods, employee motivation, and the latest in industry technology.

We saw a need to provide engaging on-demand training that brings the training to the student, not the student to the training.

Who are we?  

There are four organizations involved in the creation of KAIZEN Online:  

  • Millennium 360, Inc., our parent company, provides management services and capital investment
  • Quality Digest, a media company that covers the news, events, and current topics in industry for over 30 years
  •, a live Internet video broadcasting technology
  •, a two-time Emmy award winning video production company

Combining our resources in instructional systems design, journalism, media coverage, video broadcasting, video production, and an an overarching "can do" attitude, we formed a company that is designed to deliver state-of-the-art training.  

Giving the past a serious face-lift

In addition to the video series on lean management currently being released, we have access to a wide variety of training material that we are updating in both content and presentation, to make it read, look, and perform to today's standards (and a bit more).  We want students in their 50s to say, "I remember this topic from a training class 30 years ago, but it wasn't this clear, interesting, and visually engaging back then!"  

Employing the latest technology

Our website is designed with the latest in high definition (HD) video deployment technology, on all platforms.  Our goal is to have a seamless integration of training on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, with the layout of the website instantly morphing to the platform you are currently using.