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Rapid Implementation after Considering Many Options

An essential lean tool.  Save time.  Save money.  Speed up implementation.  Make better decisions.  See how, why, and when to do it.  New videos just released!  

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Episode 14:  Wise Decision Making Through Consensus

Episode 15:  How To Do Nemawashi

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See the entire series on lean!  Our two Nemawashi videos are part of a larger series on lean:  "Creating and Sustaining Lean Improvements." 

And check out our videos using magic to illustrate many topics on lean and quality!

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Often design and other key decisions are made quickly and independently without considering all the possibilities, leading to a less than optimized situation.  Nemawashi is about making decisions slowly by consensus, thoroughly considering all options, and implementing rapidly.  This change in philosophy from how we typically make decisions should have an important impact on your business—not only in how your company makes decisions, but how you also make  personal decisions.  It’s not about making quick decisions; it’s about making wise decisions. 

This set will not only show the rationale for this approach and why it's an essential tool in your lean journey, but will demonstrate how nemawashi can be carried out effectively, ensuring that many options are considered by a team and that consensus is reached throughout the process.  This, in turn, ensures that the final decision or design will be able to be implemented rapidly.  

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