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Risk Management

Go beyond just initiating preventive actions to mitigating risks

Confront the future of lean and quality with confidence.  Address risk with practical tools.  Engage risk at strategic, project, and process levels.  Create intelligent contingency plans.  

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Episode 29: 
Using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to Manage Risks and Mistake-Proof

Bring practical methods to risk management; satisfy key aspects of the new ISO 9001 requirements

Episode 30: 
Manage Risk at All Three Levels of the Organization

Reduce risk in your products and processes, projects, and strategic decisions

Our presenter

Mike Micklewright is one of the best and most dynamic presenters you'll ever have the opportunity to see.  His expertise in lean and quality is of the highest level, rivaled only by his ability to explain concepts and principles in practical day-to-day actions. His insights will help you guide your organization to excellence.

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