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5S Done Right!

The secrets to successful and sustained results

Sort ruthlessly.  Secure upper management involvement.  Standardize across departments.  Transform it from simple housekeeping into a new culture.  Make sustainment a reality.  

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Episode 19:  It's Not Just a Tool, It's a Way of Life

Episode 20:  Preparing for the 5S Event

Episode 21:  SORT and the need for a Good Start

Episode 22:  SET IN ORDER and SHINE — Now It's Time

Episode 23:  STANDARDIZE and SUSTAIN:  Establishing a
                     Culture of Discipline

Our subscription plan:  Our videos are based on a one year subscription for a physical site.  This means you can deploy the videos to as many people associated with that site as you wish.  They can be viewed in a classroom, at desks and work stations, at satellite offices, or even at home.  

See the entire series on lean!  These five videos are part of a larger series on lean:  "Creating and Sustaining Lean Improvements." 

And check out our videos using magic to illustrate many topics on lean and quality!

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The concept of 5S is seemingly so understandable, and yet so difficult to implement effectively.  There are many little nuances and tricks of the trade that will make your 5S process more effective and likely to be sustained.  This 5S video series will share the specific “how tos” of implementing a 5S process that can be sustained into the future. Rather than offering a theoretical description, we will demonstrate through a real world example how to quickly transform a process area from being disorganized and wasteful, to one that is safe, efficient, effective, and sustainable. 

Great emphasis is placed on the fifth S, SUSTAIN.  This is where the majority of 5S efforts fail, even though they got off to a terrific start with lots of enthusiasm.  When you return to the area several months later you find many of the same bad habits have crept back into the work process.  This can be completely avoided!

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