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Mistake-Proofing and Poka Yoke

Prevention is a grossly underutilized strategy

Eliminate errors before they can even happen.  Demonstrate your belief in respect for people.  Implement simple techniques of prevention.  

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Episode 27:  Building a Culture of Mistake-Proofing

Episode 28:  Four Methods of Mistake-Proofing

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Getting rid of defects through mistake-proofing and upholding the principle of respect for people may seem like two concepts that don't go together.  But they do!  When management understands this and their role in making it happen, a culture of prevention becomes a reality.  

Mistake-proofing opportunities are endless, yet we don't usually seek them out until after disaster strikes, whether they are on a small or large scale. 

Most people can acquire a vastly improved ability to see the world through the lens of problem prevention and mistake-proofing, turning their attention away from fire-fighting to finding ways to prevent that fire from ever getting started again. 

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