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Episode 03
The Lean Tools / ISO Clause Relationship
Understand how lean tools satisfy ISO 9001 requirements

This video is part 3 of 3 of the set:  The Value of Integrating Lean and an ISO Based Quality Management System 

Video Length:
43 min

Lean tools and lean cultural elements provide the “how to” of excellent business practices.  An ISO 9001 based Quality Management System forms the “What” and ties in all of the elements of a good business practices into one cohesive unit.  Learn where each lean tool and cultural element fits tightly into the specific clauses of ISO 9001, thus forming the nucleus of an effective Business Management System.  


  • Introduction  (3:31 min)
  • Hoshin kanri and ISO 9001  (4:27 min)
  • Value stream mapping and ISO 9001  (3:35 min)
  • Kaizen and ISO 9001  (4:44 min)
  • 5S and ISO 9001  (7:08 min)
  • Total productive maintenance and ISO 9001  (0:55 min)
  • Lean cultural elements and ISO 9001  (8:55 min)
  • Training Within Industry and ISO 9001  (4:30 min)
  • Lean product and process development, kanban and SMED, heijunka, jidoka and ISO 9001  (4:11 min)
  • Closing thoughts  (1:32 min)

Target Audience

  • Primary: Lean leaders, quality managers, ISO representatives
  • Secondary: Top, middle, and lower management
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