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Gemba Walking Done Right!

Don't be one of the Gemba Walking Dead.  See how, why, and when to do it.  Demonstrate your commitment to lean.    

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Leadership Through Gemba Walking

Episode 07:  Effective Gemba Walking

Episode 08:  Gemba + Auditing = GembAuditing

Our subscription plan:  Our videos are based on a one year subscription for a physical site.  This means you can deploy the videos to as many people associated with that site as you wish.  They can be viewed in a classroom, at desks and work stations, at satellite offices, or even at home.  

See the entire series on lean!  Our two gemba walking videos are part of a larger series on lean:  "Creating and Sustaining Lean Improvements." 

And check out our videos using magic to illustrate many topics on lean and quality!

The quality connection

“Genchi genbutsu” (the longer, more specific definition of “gemba”) means “going to the place to understand the situation.”  That could easily be the definition of an internal quality audit.  Yet, “gemba” is a “lean thing” and internal auditing is a “quality or ISO thing” and so are treated separately, which is wasteful.  Learn how to combine the best of each process and eliminate the redundant waste by conducting “GembAudits.”

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Gemba walking is often misunderstood and so is performed incorrectly and becomes ineffective. The main purpose of going to the gemba is to see the waste and teach, thus supporting one’s leadership skills.   Learn how to do the gemba properly and learn about different options to increase its effectiveness. 

“Leadership Through Gemba Walking” is a masterfully produced, two-part streaming video training series featuring lean expert Mike Micklewright. These in-depth videos provide insight into how (and how not) to walk the gemba. Anyone, from experienced managers to those walking the gemba for the first time, will get great value from this set. 

Preview our videos!  Click on either of the two videos listed below to go to their individual product page and watch the preview of just that video.    

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