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Episode 04
Hoshin Kanri and Management Review
Use lean methodology to strategically plan kaizen events
Video Length:
27 min

Most people would agree that management at all levels needs to continuously review the state of the business and the effectiveness of the processes, but how?  Those who work within a quality management system often believe it  should be done all at once in a big ol’ meeting.  This may not be enough. The principles of hoshin kanri and one piece flow of information should be ingrained into the management review process.

Originated in Japan, hoshin kanri is a step-by-step planning, implementation, and review process for managed change.  It's a systems approach to the management of change in critical business processes.

Hoshin kanri in Japanese


  • Introduction  (2:05 min)
  • The “current state” of the business  (2:21 min)
  • Daily accountability meetings  (8:23 min)
  • SWOT analysis  (5:09 min)
  • Hoshin kanri planning  (8:46 min)
  • Closing thoughts  (0:43 min)

Target audience

  • Primary:  Top management
  • Secondary:  Middle  management 
"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. "
– Albert Einstein