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Create a Continuous Improvement / Lean Culture

It's all about leadership

Create the right culture.  Set the tone that everyone can follow.  Use the right tools to create change.  Demonstrate commitment.       

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Episode 05:  Humble Leadership in a Continuous Improvement / Lean Culture

Episode 06:  Implementing the Four Lean Cultural Elements

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True lean, quality, and business transformation results (i.e. doubling inventory turns, lead times cut to days, double digit quality and productivity gains) can only be attained with the development of a continuous improvement culture.  A true CI culture can only be developed with leadership personnel who are humble and not ego driven.  Leadership needs to guide and coach, challenge, allow for employees to make mistakes, and not micro-manage.

Deploying leadership attributes, including being a strong but humble leader, on a daily basis is important to support a culture of continuous improvement.  But how do you do it?  One can’t just wake up one day and say, "Today, I will be humble."  Truly learning and deploying the lean cultural elements will provide the leadership practices and naturally make one more humble, when done right. 

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