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Training Within Industry (TWI)

Train up to the level of ability, not down to the "need to know"

An essential lean tool.  Don't use "poor training" as the excuse.  Ensure employee competency.  Create team confidence.  Watch the teaching process in action.  

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Episode 09:  TWI—The Missing Link in Lean

Episode 10:  Job Instructions (JI)

Episode 11:  How to Perform TWI JI

Our subscription plan:  Our videos are based on a one year subscription for a physical site.  This means you can deploy the videos to as many people associated with that site as you wish.  They can be viewed in a classroom, at desks and work stations, at satellite offices, or even at home.  

See the entire series on lean!  These three videos are part of a larger series on lean:  "Creating and Sustaining Lean Improvements." 

And check out our videos using magic to illustrate many topics on lean and quality!

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“Poor training” is often the reason cited on a corrective action as the root cause  of a defective product or service, and yet, we know this is not a true root cause.  We also know the importance of standardized work, yet how often do we standardize training processes?  Learn the importance of doing so and the origins and scope of Training Within Industry—the foundation of lean.   

Ensuring employee competency is something we all realize we should do and it is also a requirement of any ISO-based Quality Management System yet we seldom do a good job with it.  Learn specifically how TWI Job Instructions (JI) will overcome the root causes of “poor training."

The development of effective training via TWI Job Instructions is dependent on two key inputs that are completely interdependent on each other.  They are the job breakdown sheet and the basic teaching pattern.  They must work together. It's this combination of documents and teaching process that makes training much more effective resulting in highly competent employees.

These videos were recorded in a classroom in order to illustrate certain points best made through instructor / student interaction.   

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