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Wake up your next team gathering!

Great for training sessions, safety meetings, staff meetings--anytime you want to inject energy and a fresh perspective into the discussion.  These short and magical videos illustrate important business topics such as teamwork, risk management, customer service, safety, customer focus, and more. 

Your magician

Performed by Tom Ogden, magician to corporations, celebrities, and heads of state, teaches principles of business using using magic as a vivid and unforgettable metaphor.  


The actors in this set of episodes are dressed in jeans, boots, and work shirts, representing the shop floor, factory, manufacturing, construction, warehouse, etc.  

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Metaphors in Magic—The Jeans and Boots Collection
Make the point more memorable with magic!
Episodes 1 - 10
04:09 min
MMJ01 $49.00
02:51 min
MMJ02 $49.00
03:00 min
MMJ03 $49.00
03:09 min
MMJ04 $49.00
02:54 min
MMJ05 $49.00
03:07 min
MMJ06 $49.00
02:58 min
MMJ07 $49.00
04:08 min
MMJ08 $49.00
02:58 min
MMJ09 $49.00
02:55 min
MMJ10 $49.00