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Quick Lessons in Lean
Short, concise, and straight to the point
Episode 01
Get Your Gemba On
Watch how good gemba walking benefits employees and their bosses
Video Length:
8 min

“ I hate gemba walking ”

An employee in a local government agency's office told us, "My managers became very excited about something called 'gemba walking' and now they keep coming around to my desk and telling me that they 'just want to watch me work.'  Great.  I HATE it!" 

The solution

What an organization needs to do is so simple:  Just explain what gemba walking is, without all the fancy platitudes, corporate-speak, or disguised descriptions.  Show them what it will look like, and why you're doing it.  It should be explained to employees throughout the workplace, and it should provide a basis for what they expect their managers will do during their gemba walks—and what's in it for them.

Build confidence

Give your employees the knowledge and confidence to understand what gemba walking is, what it is not,  and what they can expect.  This video presents exactly this:  It shows examples of the wrong way first, then the right way.  In eight minutes it will educate, create enthusiasm, and dispel false rumors. 

What is “QuickLean?”

QuickLean is a new series of short five to ten minute video episodes on key lean topics.  They are meant to give the most information in the shortest possible time in an engaging and entertaining way.  This video is the first of the new series. 

Our full 30-episode series, "Creating and Sustaining Lean Improvements," is designed for managers, lean leaders and facilitators, and anyone wanting a more in-depth understanding of lean principles.

Key points

  • What gemba walking is
  • Why gemba walking is misunderstood
  • It's about the process, not the person
  • Watch and see the process with your own eyes
  • The right and wrong ways to show respect
  • See the waste and make sure others see it too
  • Ask, don’t tell
  • Go to the gemba as a learner, not a knower
  • Go to the gemba on a set schedule

Target audience

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. "
– Albert Einstein