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Of course you can place an order with a purchase order.  Place your order on our website, at checkout you’ll see there’s a place to select “Pay by PO,” enter the PO number if you have it, then email, fax, or mail your PO, and once received, we’ll turn on access so you can watch your videos.  Simple! 

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It depends on the nature of the product(s):

  • For physical products paid by a credit card or received purchase order, we ship within 48 hours.  Ground shipping to the USA is free, and express shipping is quoted on a per order basis.  Shipping options to outside the USA are quoted on a per order basis.  
  • For online streaming video products paid by a credit card, access is instantaneous. 
  • For online streaming video products paid by a purchase order, access is granted when the PO is received by fax, email, or mail. 
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This is a trick question!  We currently do not offer a license for a single individual.  We only offer site licenses.  For enterprise licenses (multiple sites), because of the significant variation between organizations, this is quoted on a per company basis.  

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One of the great things about the march of computer technology is most computers can play videos without the pausing/stuttering/headaches of years past. That being said, here’s what you should probably have to assure a good viewing experience at You will need two things: 

  1. A good Internet connection, and...
  2. A computer with a moderate level of horsepower. 

For our purposes, that means you have a download speed of 1.5 Mbps. This means your viewing experience will probably be free of pauses. You can test your Internet speed here:  

As for computer horse power, here are the minimum requirements: 

  • Windows XP or later.  
  • Mac OS 10.3.9 or later. 
  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1 GB free hard disk space.
  • Adobe Flash Player v7 or higher (get it free here). 
  • The following file types must be permitted (firewall must not block them): FLV, MP4, MP3, SWF, GIF, JPG, TXT, HTM, ASP, ASPX, JS, S, XLS
  • Browsers:
    • Internet Explorer version 9 or higher (Note:  IE9 or later will not run on XP, you must use Chrome or Firefox).
    • FireFox version 10 or higher.
    • Chrome version 16 or higher.
    • Safari version 5 or higher.
    • Opera version 10 or higher.
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First things first. Is your computer able to play videos at all? A quick way to diagnose this is go to and click to play a video. If not, the problem is most likely related to your computer’s settings or software.The video player we are using requires JavaScript be enabled. For various reasons, some IT departments disable JavaScript. Contact your IT department and make sure you company’s policies allow for JavaScript to be turned on. If JavaScript is permitted, go into your browser settings to turn on JavaScript.Here are a few things to try:To enable JavaScript in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google’s Chrome browser or Apple Safari, click here:   Follow the links and steps for the browser you are using.  

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Some corporate policies discourage the playing of videos on work computers. One common method IT departments use to enforce this policy is to disable the playing of .mp4 files. This is the file type best suited to broadcast video across the Internet. Contact your IT department to make sure .mp4 files are not blocked on your computer and if they are, how you can get them unblocked. 

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This could be one of three things:

  1. Your computer’s processing power is near the lower end of what’s required 
  2. Your Internet connection is slower than the 1.5 Mbps needed for smooth playback or 
  3. You’ve got the double whammy of a slower computer and a slower Internet connection.

Luckily, there’s usually one solution to this: Press the PLAY button. Let the video buffer (meaning it downloads to your computer in preparation to play). You can see this by the progress bar moving from left to right at the bottom of the video. Once the video is downloaded, press PLAY again and playback should be smooth.

If this doesn’t work, you may have a computer which has a hard time playing back High Definition videos. Luckily, we have a solution for this as well. The video player is equipped with several versions of the same video. Select the Standard Definition video (SD) and see if that video (after buffering) plays better.   

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For various reasons too technical to explain here, this often happens most with Microsoft Internet Explorer, usually versions 6 and 7. Explorer recompresses the video during playback.

The best way to fix this is to use an updated browser (such as Internet Explorer 8 or later) or Chrome, Firefox or Safari.  

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It might sound silly, but let's start with the basics:  Make sure your volume is turned up. That means the volume in your computer settings, and also the little knob on whatever external speakers you may be using. It’s surprising how often this fixes sound problems.

Okay, assuming that didn’t fix it, there may be a problem with the sound settings/codecs in your computer. It’s time to call in your IT professional.

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