As of July 1st, 2016, 360 Performance Circle has become
Kaizen Online, a part of Kaizen Institute



Why should you choose KAIZEN Online for training when there are so many options available today?

Our subscription formula is simple

Too many training companies sell "seat licenses" and it's a lot of administrative work to for you to register all the people you want to receive training, to identify what specific courses their seat license gives them access to, to assure that the seat licenses are not misused, etc.  Our pricing model is simple:  A single license is for a site.  A site could have 5 or 500 people.  When you purchase our license, anyone that is assigned to that site can view the training.  

Our site license is clear, simple, scalable, predictable, cost stable, and a snap to implement.  You don't have to call us when you hire new people at your site if you want them to go through the training.  

For companies that have multiple sites, talk to us about an enterprise license.  

If you have a very unique company structure, for example, a field sales or technical service organization with staff working out of their homes where there is no "site" in the traditional sense, or your sites are numerous yet sparsely populated, give us a call and we'll do what we can to construct a license that makes financial sense for you.  

Practical training, practical examples, and practical actions to take

The training found at Kaizen Institute Online is practical and implementable.  Our instruction is based on real-world environments and situations.  You won't find any "wishful thinking" here.  The experts we partner with must have mastery of their subject, many years of experience and an abundance of examples, have worked with a wide array of industries, and be able to communicate their message in a clear, precise, entertaining and conversational fashion.  

Superior content--when you want it

Think of Kaizen Institute Online as "expert instruction when and where it's needed."  All of our content is created by unquestioned experts in their fields.  They've mastered their topics the old fashioned way, through scholarly study but especially through real world experience in implementing principles, systems, and tools.  During their many years in the field they've seen it all:  The opposers, the questioners, the doubters, the lack of management support, the unrealistic expectations, a short term view, but most importantly, they've seen the tremendous gains that are possible.  So when they make a recommendation, or state that something is critical for success, or warn you of a potential risk, you can be confident in following their advice.  

Learning in small bites

Your employees are your students and they are busy, so we break up the training into small sections.  Each video has multiple sections, all tied to their respective learning objectives.  Students can go through the training in five to 10 minute segments, and pick up right where they left off.  Or, if you're using the videos in a classroom,  you can stop the video at the end of each section and conduct a group discussion, list the key points, or simply ask what your students have learned, then restart the video to watch the next section.  

Give you trainers the ability to add greater value

From a learning management perspective, we believe that there is a one to four ratio in the amount of time needed to cover a given amount of training material using video instruction versus standard classroom instruction.  In other words, a video can cover in 30 minutes what it takes an instructor in a classroom two hours to cover.  Why?  Because a properly scripted video gets right to the point, doesn't let student distraction derail the lesson, and can be started or stopped as needed.  Yes, a classroom has many more ingredients than simply watching a video does, and there is no substitute for effective classroom teaching, but classroom training can be wonderfully enhanced by aggressively employing video as the core instructional content--leaving more time for the classroom instructors to do what only they can do most effectively--facilitate, coordinate, and coach.