As of July 1st, 2016, 360 Performance Circle has become
Kaizen Online, a part of Kaizen Institute


We are Kaizen Online

We are excited about joining forces with Kaizen Institute!  This union has many benefits for both parties, but especially for our clients.

Kaizen Institute is one of the world's oldest consultancy's focusing on kaizen, lean, and continuous improvement, celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2015.  Kaizen Institute sees value in a video training operation, and we see value in having a consulting partner that is plugged into the industry and can help guide us on market needs for video training and eLearning.  So... we joined forces! 

Our clients will benefit enormously because we now have integrated access to a wide array of kaizen tools, processes, principles, and case studies, as well as access to international kaizen experts.

This union is also speeding up our plans to translate our materials into multiple languages.  Kaizen Institute has 45 offices in 30 nations, and to serve their clients we recognize that a robust system of rapid translation will be necessary.  We've chosen the UN-style of voice dubbing (this is what CNN, Discovery Channel, BBC, etc. all use), with on-screen text translated at the bottom of the screen.

From a user experience perspective, nothing will change on our website.  Your logins, library access, profile, etc., all remain unchanged. 

As we produce new videos they will be branded “Kaizen Online.”  For some time you will see both Kaizen Online and 360 Performance Circle brands on our website; the products of both brands are produced by the same people and organization. 


Jeff Dewar
Kaizen Institute Online